The Miller-Driscoll School serves the youngest children in the Wilton public school system, covering Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Contact Information

217 Wolfpit Rd
Wilton, CT. 06897

p.(203) 762-8678 or (203) 762-3374
f. (203) 761-1570

To report an absence after 8am call: (203) 834-4890
From 4:30pm – 8am call: (203) 762-8678 or (203) 762-3374


Cheryl Jensen-Gerner, Principal

Dr. Sheela Brown, Assistant Principal

Jeremy Cross, Assistant Principal


Miller-Driscoll Elementary School is comprised of two different schools that were structurally united in 1990 and administratively re-united in 2010. Miller School was built first, dedicated in1966 and named for Tilford W. Miller who had served as town treasurer and twenty year chairman of the Board of Education. Then Driscoll School was built to the south of Miller ”behind” the original school. Driscoll was dedicated in 1969 and named after Ina E. Driscoll, a beloved Wilton teacher and principal from 1926-1957. In 1990 the two schools were physically united by the new office, library and central cores. In 2010 the two schools were combined administratively. Both were built on the site of the old Benedict Farm which was purchased in 1961 for $78,000.


More Information: For the most up to date information we invite you to go directly to the school’s website.

School Location

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