WEF is committed to working closely with the school district to support the efforts of students and teachers. The foundation fosters creative approaches to education by supporting district-wide projects that have a broad impact on academic and enrichment learning, specifically, technology projects and supplemental tech-related classroom materials, professional development scholarships, and funds to enhance arts and music in the schools.


Provide an opportunity for individuals to contribute to the Wilton schools to compensate for areas not included in the budget.

Support technology, professional development, and “beyond the classroom” experiences in music and the arts in Wilton schools.

Engage the community to support the foundation with time, funding, advocacy, event participation, etc.

Equip EVERY classroom with a SMARTBoard.

Community Involvement

Educate the community about school-related programs, activities and achievements.

Inform local news organizations and other media regarding school events.

Develop community involvement/support projects

Invite community members to selected daytime and evening events.


Approximately 95% of the revenue we create is given back to the Wilton Public Schools:

64 percent

is used to purchase technology for the schools.

20 percent

helps with Professional Development to send instructors to workshops, seminars, etc.

11 percent

benefits Music + the Arts.

5 percent

is used for operating expenses.